Monday, March 21

Colourpop Ultra Mattes Haul + Swatches

I've been wanting to try out some of Colourpop's ultra mattes ($6 each through their website) since my best friend ordered a few of them a while ago. Because I got a $5 off coupon for signing up through my email, I decided it was the perfect timing to pick up the ones I'd been eyeing! Keep in mind for these swatches I was wearing a thin layer of EOS lip balm under the lip products. Also I tried to get the colors as accurate as possible, however Midi in particular is a bit pinker toned than it looks here.

I've be able to wear each of these for a while and I am definitely impressed with the long wear! I think the longest I've worn one of them for is about 8 hours and by the end of the day I was personally more done with wearing the lip product than the lip product itself was. These do all dry completely matte after a few minutes (especially without lip balm) so all of the swatches shininess isn't necessarily 100% representative. Lumiere 2 has a slightly satin finished compared to the rest and Rooch is the most matte and can be drying. I'm not sure how obvious it looks in the swatch picture but it can sometimes apply a bit unevenly if it's done quickly. I did find that it can flake a bit if I wear it for long enough and don't use enough lip balm.
As far as favorites go so far, Trap and Kapow are my favorites but I'm happy with all of them! Colourpop recently released liquid lipsticks with an ultra satin finish and I've been lusting after Marshmallow so I'll probably give in sometime soon.

Any opinions on these or any of Colourpop's other products? This was my first experience and I'm really pleased!
Thanks for reading!


  1. These look gorgeous! Were your lips dry after wearing these?

    1. They were definitely dry after trying them all on (of course!) but after wearing one for the day my lips don't feel dry, especially if I wear EOS lip balm under it! But also I don't have dry lips so it may depend on that as well!


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