Friday, January 15

It Cosmetics Brow Power Review + Demo ♡

A long while back at Ulta there was a promotion for a free It Cosmetics Brow Power travel-size pencil with any $10 purchase, a deal I couldn't pass up. My sister and I both got one and, even though we have different colors of eyebrows, we both love it!
The color is Universal Taupe, something I was initially skeptical of, however since I usually reach for taupe-colored brow products, I was expecting it to match mine pretty well. Amelia, however, has darker, warmer toned eyebrows which I was excited to see the product on to compare.
The pencil is double ended: one end is a thin, twist up brow pencil and the other is a spoolie. I don't have any pictures of mine since I broke it off on accident and misplaced it, however Amelia has photographic evidence of hers. I love that it does come with one, especially since it's easier and faster to use and store. 

The most impressive aspect of Brow Power is its ability to match so many different colors of brows. I have neutral toned medium brown eyebrows and it matches them perfectly. I like to vaguely outline the top and bottom of my brows and lightly fill in the front using vertical strokes; the middle and tail I make a bit darker. Amelia has naturally thicker, darker brows than I do and it still looks really natural too!
I tried to swatch the pencil using a variety of pressures to demonstrate its range of changing tone and depth depending on the pressure applied to it. 

Have you tried this pencil? What hair color do you have?
Thanks for reading! xo

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