Friday, October 9

DIY ♡ Fall Wreath

I made a fall wreath for my bedroom door last year using solely supplies from Joann's after I noticed that pre-made ones were actually pretty expensive (unless they're on sale!). I also realized that they can be overwhelming and occasionally tacky so it was nice to personalize it to what I liked. I also made my sister a wreath for her house last year so by the time autumn rolled around this year, I knew what worked best for me and what supplies I needed. Amelia and I decided that we should make some again this year since you can't have too many wreaths and since she didn't get the opportunity last year.

 | Supplies| 
- wire bobbles (Joann's full price: $2.99)
- fake leaves ($1.99)
- autumnal ribbon (Michael's: $2.99-$4.99)
- wreath forms ($4.99 for 18")
- scissors
- hot glue + glue gun
- optional: mini pumpkins/gourds (Michael's: $4.99)

| How-To|
The first thing I like to do is sort the leaves into a few piles so I can easily grab for the ones I want. For reference, we used about two bags of leaves total on both of our wreaths.
Next I pick where I want my bow to go. If the wreath is a little oblong I'll pick where it looks most symmetrical and keep track of where that is. 
To start gluing leaves, I lay a few at a time down and alternate the colors and shapes so it looks unintentional but so there aren't any of the same color touching all over. Once I know where to put a leaf I glue a stripe of glue down the center of the leaf and press it into the wreath without flattening it. Be careful doing this, though, I usually burn my finger tips a few times unintentionally.

I like to start the pattern by gluing leaves all around the wreath first then filling in the biggest gaps and leaving some small spaces where the wreath form can be seen so it doesn't look too busy.
After I like how my leaves look, I like to tie my bow where I previously picked. I like really big bows on my wreaths but this time I ran a little short for that so makes sure you have enough ribbon for the size of bow you want.
Next I use these little bobble things I found at Joann's that are on brown-coated wire. I cut a strip about eight inches long and glue the ends on the inside or back of the wreath using lots of hot glue. Here I alternated using red, orange/red, and white bobbles to balance out the color pallet of my wreath.
Once I glued down the bobbles I picked out three pumpkins to put on my wreath and where to place them. These take a lot of glue to hold them down well. What we ended up doing is building up some glue where we want and letting it cool then squeezing more on top of the same spot and pressing the pumpkin into it for several minutes.

That's where I called it a day! I really love the way ours turned out. In the first photo, mine the far left with mine from last years in it and my sister's is the one on the right.
If you make a wreath inspired by this post, you can tweet me or tag me in it on Instagram, @hannahvanhoozle on both!
Thank you for reading!!
xo Hannah

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