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Maybelline the Rocket Volum' Express Mascara Review (waterproof)

I have really straight eyelashes. They literally grow straight out and down. But, with my Tarte Picture Perfect eyelash curler and waterproof mascara, they actually look pretty good. 
Several of the girls I watch on Youtube has been raving about the Rocket mascara since it came out so I figured I would give it a shot. LeighannSays and MissGlamorazzi both have straight eyelashes like me and love it. So, in September while I was in Target and naturally stopped by the makeup section, I ended up grabbing for the Rocket Volum' Express mascara.


The price is absolutely yay. I bought it for $5.99, which is crazy cheap for how awesome this mascara is. I would definitely pay more for this since it works so well for me.


This is pretty standard to the Maybelline Volum' Express line of mascaras; a tapered bottle on both ends, brightly colored, with some large, bold font. The packaging is blue with hot pink writing (sometimes I've seen blue writing on the waterproof version). The outside is pretty standard for the brand, although the tip of the wand end doesn't have a flatter end. Instead, it tapers more to a point than the others. It looks more similar to how the Volum' Express mascaras look other than in the U.S packaging.

| WAND |

The Rocket has a silicone-y, plastic-y wand. The center is baby blue with the bristles being clear. It tapers at the end and as it gets smaller the bristles do as well. All the way down the wand the bristles also have a pattern of being slightly smaller and larger so that they can get every eyelash. The tip, however, does not have any bristles which I find odd but not bad. I can still get all of my inner and outer lashes. For being flexible, I'd say it's in the middle. Not stiff by any means, but also not super bendy either. I love that it can really get the base of my lashes but can also get to all of the hard-to-reach areas.


This is what takes the cake. The whole cake. The All-American chocolate cake that my family used to get for every birthday for like, four years straight. The formula of this mascara is wonderful. The black really is black. Not that I can tell the difference between black, blackest black, carbon black, or very black, but it's pretty dang black. The formula is the right amount of wet/dry combination as well. I don't like when mascaras are so wet that they take a long time to dry, pull down my lashes, and leave marks on my face when I blink. I also don't like when they're so dry that they don't seem to stick to my lashes and flake off easily. This does neither. It dries fast enough to really hold a curl, but it is able to lengthen my lashes (at least a little, I think. The tips are blonde so I can hardly see them otherwise), and it doesn't flake or come off by the end of the day.


Whenever I wear mascara, which is less than once a week usually, I apply it the same way. I always curl my eyelashes at the root a lot and slightly in the middle and ends. I then carefully apply my mascara focusing on my roots and working towards the tips from the top and bottom of my eyelashes. Repeat (don't rinse though). After I'm done with the top lashes, I do one coat on the bottom and that's it. This mascara looks awesome with one or two coats. For me, three is too clumpy but I'm sure if you combed out your eyelashes you could pull it off.


I always use coconut oil to remove my mascara, and it works perfectly well with this one. Although it takes a few minutes like waterproof mascaras usually do, I can still get it off pretty easily. I haven't tried this with a regular makeup remover but I haven't heard any complaints about it. 


I really love this mascara. Some waterproof mascaras that I've tried kind of hold a curl but still weigh down my lashes, but this one doesn't at all! You can probably tell in the before and after picture. I think it may even make them curlier. Someone give this mascara an award.
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