Tuesday, June 7

Self Tanning Routine ft. Toma's Liquid Spray Tan Review!

Summer's coming up which means my tanning routine is more frequent now than the rest of the year and is definitely something I enjoy pampering myself with. I haven't noticed Toma's Tan getting much attention from any YouTubers I watch or bloggers I follow but it's my favorite tanner so I figured I'd write a bit about my tanning routine!

I buy my tanner, Toma's Liquid Spray Tan, from Sally Beauty Supply for about $17. I have yellow under toned skin that gets warm when I naturally tan in the sun so some self tanners can make me look orange. This tanner is slightly pink-based when it goes on, cancelling the chance of it looking too fake (it is a fake tan, after all) so it works really well with my skin tone. I previously used the Toma's Tan Perfect Self-Tanning Lotion which, as the name states, is a lotion rather than a liquid spray. It's good as well, however I like that the liquid one isn't as warm toned and it's easy to apply with the mitt it comes with.

| Supplies |

  • Tanning mitt
  • rubber gloves
  • coconut oil and sugar (or any scrub)
  • kabuki brush
  • thick lotion
  • moisturizer
  • Toma's Tan Liquid Spray Tan

| The Process |
I start off the day before (or morning of) by mixing up an exfoliant with coconut oil and sugar until it holds together well but isn't dry. Using gloves I exfoliate my legs thoroughly, my arms, and my upper chest as well. Basically I apply it to areas that can get dry skin or that tanner comes off quickly from.
Once I have applied my scrub, I lather it with body wash on my legs and shave them carefully. Since shaving after self tanner tends to take some of it off, I always shave before applying tanner to make sure it lasts.
When it comes to applying this tanner,, I always apply it at night. I wear rubber gloves and spray several times on the mitt and immediately work it in since it does kind of dry and can take of the indicator if I apply fresh tanner over dried tanner. I like to apply it starting with my upper back, then my upper chest and the underside of my arms (since my outer arms are darker during the summer), avoiding my elbows and hands entirely then move on to my lower back and stomach. I apply it to my legs last, avoiding my knees like I did to my elbows.
Lastly I grab a kabuki brush and apply tanner to my neck and the left over product on my ears. I mix a bit of facial moisturizer and a spray or two of tanner and buff it into my face thoroughly. For my hands, I remove my gloves and blend in a tiny bit of tanner upwards on the inside of my wrists so there's not a harsh line. For my knees, I use a mixture of about 80% lotion and 20% Toma's Tan since my knees are naturally a bit darker than the rest of my legs. I blend my ankles into my legs the same way I did my hands but with a bit of lotion.

Although this tanner does have an indicator (which does make it really easy to see exactly where it's been applied), it doesn't come off on my clothes or sheets so I always wear loose clothing and let it soak in over night. In the morning I wash off the indicator using some body wash and bypassing the loofah entirely so I don't disrupt my new tan.

That's my whole process! It doesn't take too long and my tan always looks really even. It usually lasts for a week or so, depending on if I swim, work out (extra showering) or shave. I also like to apply lotion daily to keep my skin from getting dry so it holds my tan better. For upkeep I apply tanner again without exfoliating every time, especially if my tan is wearing off evenly.

What's your go-to tanner?
Thanks for reading! xo

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