Thursday, July 14

NEW Colourpop Ultra Metallics Review + Swatches!

When the first round of Ultra Metallics Colourpop released ($6 each), I wasn't super excited by the colors since they were darker than I was anticipating. However, when they started announcing new colors that were brighter, I knew I wanted to place an order for one or two. I initially had my eyes on JIC, however it wasn't listed when I purchased mine so I decided on Lights Out and Flitter. However, now that I know I love the formula and finish, I may order a few more soon!

The texture for both of these Ultra Metallics is way thicker than the Ultra Mattes I own and have an almost mousse-like texture, similar to the way a Julep liquid lipstick I have feels. These definitely live up to their name and are stunning, shiny, eye-catching lip colors but even so, they are super smooth to apply and try to a kind of satin texture that doesn't transfer too much.
I originally wanted JIC, a gorgeous, light, cool-toned pink, but it wasn't available when I was purchasing so I grabbed Flitter instead. Flitter is a gorgeous warm pink that reflects gold and is a little less in-your-face of a metallic lip. It definitely needs either a thick coat or two thin coats for full coverage. I also found with this one to make sure it "dries" (it doesn't dry matte, but it definitely sets in and becomes less wet) before pressing my lips together or anything because it can pull of some of it.
Lights Out is a bright, super reflective true gold that's not too warm. I found that it applied really
evenly with one coat, but I probably ended up using more like one and a half coats so it was really opaque. I don't know if it's evident in the photos, but Lights Out reflects more like a linear shimmer than Flitter does, which reflects like a scattered glitter. I wore this color all day recently and it stayed on really well, even through eating!

Overall, I think I will probably buy more of these, depending on the other colors that they release. I do still want to get my hands on JIC so I may add pictures of that to this post if I do!
Have you tried these? Or any other Colourpop products?

Thanks for reading! xo

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  1. What is the wear time on these? I just ordered Lime Crime Blondie and wondered how these compare. Thx!

    1. Hi there! Sorry it took so long to reply! These usually last a good few hours or so, sometimes more and sometimes less. I've found that the gold one wears for a bit longer and I'm not entirely sure why. They're super easy to re-apply though!


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