Tuesday, February 25

DIY Floral Nails

A few days ago I decided to remove my bulky rhinestone and pearl nail polish (they lasted for a whole week without any embellishments breaking free!). They looked similar to these nails on ShayMitchell.com which I was inspired by. They're so dang cute! I found most of my rhinestones and and pearls at Joann's and some of the crystals at Michael's.
Since my acrylic nails seemed to be having an okay time staying on my hands, I figured I should just paint them again. I had pinned this picture on my Hair & Beauty board on Pinterest a while ago and decided that I wanted to do it. I used very similar colors because who doesn't love mint and pink together? You don't have to use these colors though, you just have to have a base color for your nails and three nail polishes that are the same color but different values of light and dark. Several of the pictures pulled the mint rather baby blue, but it's mint I promise. I tried to fix the color differences as much as I could. Since I (hopefully) documented it well, let's get on with it! :)


  1.  A base coat (Orly Rubberized Bonder)
  2. A base color for all of your nails (Mint Candy Apple)
  3. The medium color for your flowers (Shelby)
  4. The dark color for your flowers (Girls are Out)
  5. The light color for your flowers (Figi)
  6. A top coat (Seche Vite)


The first thing I did was apply a coat of the Orly Bonder base coat to my bare acrylics to prep my nails. Next, I applied two coats of the Essie nail polish in Mint Candy Apple. This is one of my all time favorite nail polishes. Who else is ready for spring colors? :D
Next, using a sewing pin with a plastic topper, I applied some of the Zoya nail polish in Shelby (a medium pink) on my nails, making blobs that kind of resemble flowers. 
To define the "roses" (used loosely), I applied a dark pink, using some of my Essie Girls are Out nail polish using a toothpick. I made kind of curved lines, accenting the outer petal shapes.
The last step to accentuate the roses is to apply a light pink by some of the dark pink lines, and also in areas by itself.
Lastly, I used the green color, Essie First Timer, and a toothpick to create one or two triangle-ish shapes on each rose.
Then to finish off the nails completely, I used the Seche Vite Dry Fast topcoat over all of my nails. Not only to make them super shiny, but to make them dry really quick so I don't have to sit around and watch Supernatural for hours while they dry. Not that I mind, I mean, helllllooo Sam and Dean. ;)


And that's all! It's pretty easy, but it looks fancy and complicated. People keep asking me where I get my nails done, then they promptly get wide eyes and grab my hands in awe when I say I did them myself. Also, even the right hand accent nail looks okay even though my left hand is confused when it tries to properly use anything. I think next time I do these I'll try to do less flowers and especially make them smaller on my right.
Thanks for reading! xo

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