Friday, August 7

Zoya Naked Manicure Women's Starter Kit Review ♡

Zoya released a new line of polishes at the beginning of this month called Naked Manicure. Being someone who struggles with flaky, weak, thin nails, I was immediately intrigued and decided to purchase it. I originally set out to pick up the Women's Starter Kit in store at Ulta, however Ulta doesn't supply the kits and instead sells the polishes individually which is, unfortunately, much pricier. I ordered the kit through Zoya's website (linked earlier) and received it quickly. It comes with the Naked Base ($12), the Pink Perfector ($10), the Tip Perfector ($10), and the Satin Seal Top Coat ($12), a $44 value, for $25 total. My package also came with a pamphlet full of information about the polishes, before and after pictures, descriptions of the ranges, and color combination charts for canceling out tainted nail colors.

I wish my nails were strong and healthy (like my dad's!) but since they're not I have to do what I can to keep them presentable. I mainly struggle with flaking, however I am growing out some stubborn staining from a polish I used a while back. I did use a baking soda and lemon juice soak on my nails to lighten it and it definitely helped remove some slightly orange discoloration from the tips.

The first step is to apply Naked Base, a thin, clear, base coat that helps prep for the polishes and begins to mask the look of layers of nail on the tips of my nails. Pink Perfector is next which is a translucent rosy pink that helps correct discoloration and camouflages flakes. The Tip Perfector is a relatively opaque creamy white polish that is applied to tips to brighten and accent them. I read a lot of people's comments on Zoya's Facebook about how it's too opaque for nails to look natural, however I like to apply a second coat of Pink Perfector after using it to blur the tips before applying the Satin Seal Top Coat. Unfortunately I don't have a picture of the top coat, but it's a gorgeous mostly matte finish which also blurs imperfections and really gives a natural appearance.

The wear, unfortunately, is not as long as I would like. With my nails I would say I can get maybe four days. I want to try it out with a bonding base coat and see if that increases its wear time! My friend wore it for over a week on her strong, long nails and it looked amazing the whole time.

Overall, I really like these products and I'm going to repurchase them when I run out!
Have any of you tried any other colors of perfector or Naked Manicure in general? What do you think?
Thanks for reading! xo

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