Monday, May 18

May Julep Unboxing ♡

Julep recently released brow products and I felt obligated to try one out since I'm a brows girl now. I bought the "lock down your brows" Iconic Brow Gel and two nail polishes: Becca and Denise.

| Boho Glam- Becca | $14.00, $11.20 Maven
I picked Becca since I don't own a whole lot of green-based nail polishes. I own more than enough mint/teal colors, but I only have one true green, Essie First Timer, which turns too yellow with my Seche Vite top coat. This color isn't necessarily a "true" green; it does have very small blue shimmer. It kind of reminds me of Ariel's fin which is absolutely exciting for me.

| Bombshell- Denise | $14.00, $11.20 Maven
I don't have a color even close to this electric purple. It's so gorgeous and bright! The swatch picture at the top of this post demonstrates that it turns matte when dry which makes it easy to see when I can apply the next coat.

| Lock Down Your Brows Iconic Brow Gel | $22.00, $17.60 Maven
I've been using my It Cosmetics Brow Power pencil for months now and I'm so in love with it! I, however, have pretty long brow hairs that are necessary for any kind of shape so I have to hold them down. For years I've just used a clear mascara but it wears off quickly so I hoped an actual brow gel would do a better job. I've used this several times and I really like it so far! The brush is very small (think Benefit's Gimme Brow) and is great for accuracy.

Full-price: $50
Maven: $40

And there's my little unboxing! Unfortunately I couldn't find Becca and Denise on Julep's website but I'm sure they'll be available soon! I'm sorry this post is a bit late; I've been so busy getting ready to graduate high school! If you want more unboxings, I've written a post on April, March, February, January, December, October, August, and July.

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