Wednesday, March 18

March Julep Maven Unboxing ♡

It's Julep unboxing time again! These are some of my favorite posts to write especially since I love me some nail polish. This month I picked out Ali (Boho Glam) and Janet (It Girl) as my main box additions and Harmony (It Girl) as my add-on since I couldn't pass up anything holographic.

| Ali- Boho Glam | $14 ($11.20 Maven)
Ali is a light pastel mint/seafoam with a semi-silk finish. The finish doesn't mean much to me since I always use my Seche Vite top coat, but it does dry to a really nice texture. It looks more minty when it's alone, however it's brighter and more green than any of the other mints I own. The swatch color is the most accurate, however it makes Shelly look almost grey. True-to-color swatches for it are in my January unboxing.

| Janet- It Girl | $14 ($11.20 Maven)
This was the first polish I added to my box for March because who doesn't love peach everything?? I don't have any peach nail polishes, which I'm slightly alarmed with now, and this color is perfect. It's a very soft peach that also has the "soft focus" effect when it's dry. It's a lot lighter than Phyllis, another color from January, that I would've also put in the soft pink family. The difference between the two isn't quite as noticeable, I think the swatch is a little too dramatic. Does "Janet" automatically remind anyone else of the Rocky Horror Picture Show? That's probably part of the reason I love this polish so much.

| Harmony- It Girl | $14 ($11.20 Maven)
I almost didn't pick this one up since I already have Sally Hansen's Pearly Whites, which I thought was similar, but I'm so glad I went for Harmony. It's described as "holographic jagged-cut glitter" which is accurate. One of the main differences between Harmony and Pearly Whites is the color of the glitter. The latter's seems to have some pigmentation and small, circular flecks while Harmony's glitter is completely transparent. I love the way it looks over both Janet and Ali.

Non-Maven: $42 
Maven: $33.60 

Those are my three beauts from the Pop collection! I'm slightly disappointed, however. I just noticed Ming was also available for March and it's a jelly so I'm hoping I can add it on for April!
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Thanks for reading! xo Hannah

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