Saturday, March 14

♡ What's in My Purse? ♡

I was carrying the Forever 21 Zippered Mini Satchel for a few months but it was able to hold too much for my weak, old woman back. Also, unfortunately, one of the pins came off the corners and although I emailed them they said there wasn't anything they could do. :(
My best friend and I were taking a stroll through Ross when I noticed this adorable and pretty small Nine West Blecker crossbody hanging on the purse rack. I essentially ran to it; I'd been looking for a bag that resembled the Kate Spade one Leigh Ann hauled back in November. I couldn't bring myself to pick up an authentic one, mostly because it's real leather and also because of the price. Anyway, I'm so glad I found this little guy at Ross for $17! The same purse is available here in an oatmeal color with gold accents!

| Travalo | 
I keep this in my purse year-round but I'm always switching out the scent. I bought mine in pink at Kohl's since they were out of silver but they're all over now! Ulta sells a similar atomizer but it's a bit bigger and I like how compact this one is. Lately I've been using Pacifica's Tuscan Blood Orange perfume because it smells exactly like Zebra Stripes gum. Pacifica is also a brand from Portland which is wonderful!

| Kikkerland Nail Clippers |
I keep nail clippers around 24/7 since I can't handle hangnails or split nails. My mom bought these for me years ago and they still work amazingly! They're available through Amazon in silver as a set with the bigger nail clippers in the shape of a foot and also on Birchbox in a gold/rose gold color.

I bought this in Ulta specifically for this purse since EOS is my go-to lip balm brand but the spheres are too big for the outer compartment. I've really been liking this however I don't think it's as hydrating as my usual Medicated Tangerine scent.

I also bought this at Ulta since it's so flat and compact. I originally bought the Berry Blossom scent but it clashed with my perfume so I resorted to this one since it's very subtle and nearly unscented. It's also available in Cucumber!

| Little Mermaid Set the Mood Mirror by Sephora |
I bought this in September of 2013 as a matching present with my best friend for her birthday. I hope you don't mind a few close ups because this girl is gorgeous. I feel so fancy when I pull it out of my purse. I keep it a mint green pouch that I made (seen in the wallet side picture of the purse) to keep it safe. There's still some available on Ebay or Amazon but they range anywhere from $40 to $100 now, double and five times more than they were when Sephora released them.

| iPhone 6 in Gold + Headphones |
I upgraded to this phone from a shattered 4S back in January and I am so happy with it! The gold on the back is a true gold in artificial light but very rose gold in natural daylight and it's the reason I picked up the gold color. I've also been liking the headphones, however the new shape falls out of my ear since they're a little too big.

That's everything I can fit in my little purse! I'm really liking it, though, even though it doesn't have a small handle. 
What's your purse essentials? 
Thanks for reading! xo Hannah

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