Wednesday, January 7

Winter Vacation ♡ Puget Sound

My grandparents live in a cabin up in Washington by Puget Sound and my family and I visit them every winter break. Every picture anyone takes looks like it belongs in a calendar since the beach looks right at the Olympic Peaks. It was 25-40 degrees the whole time causing crisp, fresh air an amazing pictures I figured I would share a few that I took! We were there for New Year's Eve, which was perfect since we were able to watch fireworks over the water. Port Gamble went all out, ya'll. It was great to get away for a while even though the five hour road trip was over twice as long. Apparently a chicken truck tipped over, but no hard feelings since it gave me so much time to listen to Lana del Rey with my sister. Speaking of, we may or may not be seeing her in May during her Endless Summer tour. Eep!

How was your winter break? xx


  1. Great post -- beautiful pictures! I love listening to Lana as well! xx, S

    1. Thank you! And Lana is so talented :)

  2. lovely pictures :)

  3. gorgeous photos, looks amazing there!

    xx danielle // shades of danielle // bloglovin

  4. These pictures are so beautiful!


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