Saturday, December 27

Cold Weather Care ♡ Winter Products

It's officially winter now, one of my favorite seasons, and the cold weather tends to take a beating on all skin and especially hair. These are my favorite products to keep them in shape!

| Philosophy Peppermint Bark Shower Gel | $8.50
This is technically also a bubble bath and shampoo, but I mainly use it for washin' my bod. Not only does this stuff smell exactly like peppermint bark, one of my favorite treats, but it also has a recipe for bark right on the bottle! Granted, I haven't tried it, but if it tastes as good as this smells it's worth it. This isn't necessarily a must-have for moisturization, but I love using wintery smelling products to keep up festivity.

| Yes to Cucumbers Daily Calming Moisturizer | $14.99
This is my go-to year round, but I use it religiously during colder months. It reduces redness, which is amazing for paler skin when the sun isn't blessing us, and it's hydrating enough to keep my skin from getting dry patches. When I do get them I love using my DIY Lemonade Scrub. Bye, bye, dry! (too cheesy?)

| J.R. Watkins Hand and Cuticle Salve in Aloe and Green Tea | $8.99
I love applying this well to my hands and cuticles at night to moisturize and heal them from the sharp air that day and prep for the next day. This stuff takes a while to absorb so give it some time! A little also goes a long a way, which is nice since hands need a little extra TLC right now. I've been using it since before April, when I posted my Nail Care Routine!

| Julep MIGHTY Nail and Cuticle Serum | $12.99
I was never much into specifically caring for my cuticles until I unboxed this guy from my Julep back in August. This is a metal tube with a twist that dispenses product into a brush, making application easy peasy. This doesn't have much of a smell which is nice, and I can see a noticeable difference in my cuticles almost immediately.

| One 'n Only Brazilian Tech Treatment with Pequi Oil | $7.89
I got this for free when I bought a One 'n Only shampoo and conditioner set and I'm so glad I did since I never would've tried it. I apply this to my wet or dry hair and it instantly looks smoother, shinier, and feels softer. Hair can get so dry; it's important to hydrate it! Do you guys want to see a current hair care routine? I have a pretty nice regimen right now.

| Bath and Body Works Twisted Peppermint Nourishing Hand Cream | $5.00
I bought this for my mom a week or two ago and both of us are really impressed! She has very dry hands and I have normal hands that don't get too dehydrated but it works wonders for both of us, in addition to smelling great. It's very hydrating but also soaks in really quickly and smells wonderfully festive. I was excited that it was only $5 since it feels so rich!

| Nuxe Reve de Miel Lip Balm | $19.00
This. stuff. is. amazing. It's very think, smells like honey and citrus, and is slightly gritty. I know that sounds weird, but it really helps banish dry lips in hours. I love applying it at night and waking up with soft, smooth lips. I bought this in the anniversary packaging for my mom for Christmas and I think it's so eye-catching. Pick one up now if you want to since they're limited edition! The limited colors are red, yellow, and green.

Those are everything I keep handy for cold weather! I especially recommend the Reve de Miel lip balm if you buy any of this. It's magic! I may do a review it and include some shots of the anniversary one of my mom's. What do you use in the winter?
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  1. Didn't know there was a 'yes to cucumbers' moisturiser - would you recommend for dry skin types? xx

    1. My mom has dry skin and she loves it! I would say that it may not be quite hydrating enough by itself during winter for drier skin types, however, since I have normal skin and it works perfectly for me. :)
      Thank you for reading! x

  2. The shower gel sounds amazing! I love peppermint too! I really like your blog. I'm following you on bloglovin now, check out my blog and if you like it follow me too. Let's keep in touch! :D

  3. Lovely post! c: x

  4. I keep hearing such great things about the Yes to Cucumbers line. Do you recommend any other products by that line? Nice post! xx, S
    Things That Glitter Beauty Blog

    1. Their shampoo and conditioner is really nice! I've tried many of their other products and I'm always impressed. :) xx

  5. A great selection of products you have here. I really have my eye on that say yes to cucumbers moisturiser!


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