Friday, January 16

January Julep Maven Unboxing ♡

I was very excited about this month's box when I found out that I could get a free "metamorphic top coat." I didn't know what the heck it was but I wanted it. I also picked out the It Girl nail polish "Shelly," Classic With a Twist polish "Phyllis," the Bare Face Cleansing Oil, and the Orbital eyeshadow "Borealis" as an add-on.This post is quite picture heavy (especially of Bjork) so let me know if it's overkill or if you wrists get tired from scrolling.

| Shelly | $11.20 Maven ($14 full price)
Described as a "wintermint creme," this is a slightly dusty mint, especially in comparison to Essie's Mint Candy Apple. I love that it's a little more muted but still bright. Unfortunately that was very hard to photograph, but the side-by-side bottle comparison is most accurate. This was actually a birthday present for my best friend's mom, Shelly, and she was very excited. I have to admit, however, that I'm a little sad that I'm not keeping it for myself!

| Phyllis | $11.20 Maven ($14 full price)
Julep calls this a "soft petal pink creme." It's definitely a soft pink, and, similar to Shelly, it's a little dustier than most of my pink nail polishes which the pictures don't particularly express. The color in the bottle is the most accurate! It's sort of a vintage-y color to me, which I love.

| Bare Face Cleansing Oil | $22.40 Maven ($28.00 full price)
I went a little out of the box with this pick (pun intended) but I tried this once at my sister's and I was totally hooked. First of all, the packaging is perfect as usual. I don't know who designs Julep's packaging, but they know how to do it. I love the pump since it's adorable but specifically because it feels very high quality. The plastic of the pump (and bottle) aren't thin whatsoever and the pump has resistance and isn't chintzy. Although this leaked during shipping, the lid is airtight so it all stayed contained. The smell has an ever-so-slight hint of citrus. I'm anticipating doing a full review of this later!

| Bjork Metamorphic Top Coat | not on the site yet, but likely $11.20 Maven and $14 full price!
This was actually a free bonus! Amelia texted me last month and told me about a magical offer for a free top coat. Obviously I snatched it up immediately, no questions asked. Bjork is a frosty top coat (similar to the Silk Effect top coat from my December unboxing) but shimmers blue, teal, hot pink, orange, and purple. So dang pretty! I'm hoping it's shown accurately in the million pictures I took of it.

| Borealis Orbital Eyeshadow | $14.40 Maven ($18 full price)
My mom picked this eyeshadow out for herself as an add-on and it is so gorgeous. The base is a deep, warm grey but it has a purple, green, and blue microshimmer. The site says it's a "charcoal with peacock pearlescence" which is absolutely spot on.

Totals: (excluding Borealis)
Maven total: $56
Full-price total: $70

That's everything I picked out! I've already worn Bjork twice and Phyllis once.
Do you like the totals at the bottom? I always see people do them with Birchbox (which I previously subscribed to) and I think they're interesting!
Here are my unboxings for December, October, August, and July.
If you want to sign up for Julep, here's a link. Use the friend code provided to get a free red carpet box with three polishes and a liner!
Thank for reading!

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