Saturday, May 24

DIY Halo Braids Tutorial

I have waist length hair and sometimes I want to cut it to my collarbones (especially lately), but getting it all away from my face feels almost as nice. These are halo braids, the kind that wrap all the way around and cross over in the back. Milkmaid braids are the ones that only wrap around the top. Zoella just did a hair tutorial video on those. A while ago I saw Rhiannon, Fashion Rocks My Socks, (here's her blog and YouTube channel) do a tutorial on this style of braid before she cut her hair off (and it looks adorable!) but for a long time I was convinced my hair wasn't nearly long enough. I discovered however, that there's a way to braid that allows more length. Let's get into the tutorial!


  • Shine serum
  • Hair elastics
  • Bobby pins


  1. Part your hair down the middle and apply shine serum. This will prevent your hair from getting quite as many fly aways when you pull apart the braids.
  2. Pictured in "1" on the right, braid each section to the opposite side, against your head until you can pull it to the front and finish braiding. This helps them lay flat and it also allows your braids to be as long as possible. Braiding down the side from the get-go causes them to start too high and lose length. Anyway, pull the braids apart and they're finished in picture 2.
  3. Next, pull one of the braids around your head and pin down. My favorite method of pinning is to stick in down in my hair vertically a little bit, then twisting it around completely and pushing it all the way down. (3)
  4.  Pull the other braid around and pin the end under the other braid. This way, the ends are hidden and it looks magical. (method shown in number 4) Ta-da! You're done, girl. Go live your temporary bohemian life.
 I hope you guys liked this summer-y tutorial! Thanks for reading! xo
P.S. I ordered a purse from DailyLook on Thursday and I'm thinking about doing a post about it! Hopefully it gets here soon because I'm too excited.

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