Saturday, April 12

Market Peach Lip Butter First Impression

Let me first apologize for the unsightly scratches on the lid. This little baby floated around in the zipper pocket of my purse for a week before I had the time to take pictures of it. I wanted to photograph it before I used it since it looked so dang pretty and matte. 
I just used it for the first time and boy let me tell you, it smells sooooo good. I already knew that though, since that's mostly why I bought it in the first place. I was actually watching one of Amarixe's videos (in particular her Bath and Body Works Haul), and she mentioned that they had released the Market Peach scent in a variety of other forms other than candle (insert an excited jig here). I love the market peach scent in general, and I'm so glad it's not just a candle this year. I also bought the hand sanitizer and it's marvelous as well. Anywho, I bought this puppy for $8.00, which I originally thought was a bit surprising. It is quite a bit of product however, and I've seen similar lip products for more. It melts into a shiny cream that has no color on the lips, but it does leave shininess in on the top of the butter in the package as well. Once it's on the lips for a bit, the scent seems to kind of wear away. I don't notice the scent as much unless I make a (super cute) face and push my mouth towards my nose. Little known fact, I can also lick my nose (don't be too impressed, now). I do really like this. The packaging is nice and metal, and the lid twists on which is awesome since there's less of a chance of it opening in my purse. I think I can finally put away my Reve De Miel and save it for emergency lip chappings since this butter is pretty hydrating. My lips have had kind of a verging-on-chapped time for the past two months, and I've been keeping my most nourishing balm handy. Hopefully this little guy can help keep my dryness at bay. I'm not kidding when I say that I have lip balm of some kind on all day every day. I don't like the feeling of even slightly dry lips. Rambling aside, I'm impressed with this so far. I'll come back with a review later, once I feel I've fully tested it out.
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