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April Favorites 2014!

Welcome to my first monthly favorites, guys! I'm not sure if this will actually be monthly or bi-monthly, but we'll see in the end of May if I have enough favorites to write a whole post about it. You may notice (if you've read my haul) that several products are from it, which is awesome! This post is rather long, my apologies, I promise my next one will be shorter!



Market Peach Hand Sanitizer:

I love the Market Peach scent. It smells so dang good, I just want to inhale it all of the time. I've been using this since I bought it a month or two ago, and I'm obsessed. My friends always ask for hand sanitizer and comment on how great it smells. I'll have to make a trip to Bath and Body Works sometime soon to buy a bunch more of them before they bring in their summer scents.

Plus White 5 Minute Whitening Gel:

I bought this a few months back at Walmart along with two mouth guards so I could start whiteneing my teeth at home. I naturally have off-white to yellowish teeth and I thought that I would try out Kandee Johnson's method of doing it at home. It's so easy and it definitely whitens teeth! It does take several times of doing it before a significant change, but I'd rather have a gentle lighten than murder my weak-enameled teeth.

Not Your Mother's Way to Grow Long & Strong Shampoo and Conditioner:

I bought these in the haul I mentioned and I've only used them four or five times, but I love them already! They smell like candy apples and I love that the scent lingers while my hair dries. It does go away once it's completely dry, though. I have naturally moderately frizzy hair, and it's much shinier and smoother with this conditioner than most others I've tried. It really works well for my hair type, and I'm so glad I found it. One of the best parts is that it's sulfate free! Yipidoo!

O.P.I. Nail Envy:

I've only been trying this for a few months as well, but I really like it so far. I can't say I've noticed a significant difference in my nail health or strength, but it makes my nails stiffer while I'm wearing it and that allows my nail polish to last for much longer! I've gotten five days out of all of my recent manicures, which is kind of crazy. That long of wear used to be a once in a while, luck-of-the-draw kind of thing, but now it's pretty normal for me.

Burt's Bees Natural Acne Solutions Spot Treatment:

I used to use this in middle school, and I'm so glad I finally went back to it. I have really sensitive skin. Sensitive enough that benzoyl peroxide gives me slight chemical burns in red patches that last for two or three days. This doesn't have any negative effect on my skin! I put it on with a q-tip every night all over most of my face, and I notice a significant difference in the morning. 

Maybelline Color Elixir in Radiant Bloom:

I'm working on an in-depth review of this product. I actually have two of them; Radiant Bloom and Hibiscus Haven. I haven't gotten much use from Hibiscus Haven since I don't wear mascara or anything usually, but I've been using Radiant Bloom a lot. It's a pretty natural looking color, so I think it could easily be worn on a daily basis. I will say that it looks better with my teeth now that they're whiter since it's a cooler toned pink.

Maybelline Dream Fresh BB in Light:

I also used to use this a while back, but it got too dark for me once I got into fall. I think my problem was that I was using too much though, not that it didn't match my skin. Now I can wear it and it matches my skin perfectly and looks really natural. It is pretty light coverage, so any bad blemishes (the little devils) can still be seen. I also love that it has enough SPF but doesn't smell like sun screen or look shiny. 

Elf High Definition Powder in Translucent:

I've been using this for probably about eight months and I really like it. I don't like wearing powders with color in them since most of them tend to look orange or too dark on me even though it doesn't seem like they should. This is absolutely translucent, but it doesn't seem to leave a white cast on my face. Maybe it's because I'm really pale? ;) I use this to set my BB and it keeps any shine away for hours. 

H&M Baby Kabuki Brush:

I bought this last year with my sister in August and it's so soft. I didn't think I'd like a brush from H&M, especially since it was only two or three dollars. It evenly applies the Elf powder to my face and doesn't allow it to get caked up anywhere.



Cafe Escapes Chai Latte:

This is the first K-cup I bought for my Keurig, and I'm so glad I did! Did I mention that I got a working Keurig mini at Goodwill for $25? No? Be impressed, ya'll. Anyway, I got a 12 pack of these on sale at Safeway for $7 and they are delicious! It comes out of the Keurig all creamed and sweetened and ready to drink. Booyahhh.

Ghiradelli Dark Chocolate Raspberry Filled Squares:

I've been so into fruity chocolate lately and these are awesome. They're filled with raspberry that's not creamy but also not a jelly. I'm not a jelly fan unless it's on bread, and these are so good. The best part is that they only have 10 carbs and one is enough since they're so rich.

That's all of my favorites! Sorry it's so many, next time there will definitely be less. I kind of threw in older favorites with newly discovered ones to catch up.
Thanks for reading! xo

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