Sunday, March 12

Disney Vacation Countdown (Downloadable!)

I recently discovered an official Disney World vacation countdown and was so excited to see it since I'm currently planning two Disney vacations! They are for Disneyland, however, but I have no qualms using this countdown since it doesn't specifically say "Disney World" on the numbers themselves. The website has a link to print out the numbers and cut them out, however I was super excited to have a countdown lock screen on my phone, so I took to Pic Collage on my phone to create 91 days of pictures to use. They certainly aren't perfect, but they work perfectly on my iPhone 7, my mom's iPhone 6, and my best friend's iPhone 5s. They do have a "Pic Collage" watermark in the bottom corner which can easily be cropped out if desired but they are out of frame on my phone (I also made desktop ones since I obviously need even more constant reminders of how long it is until I leave). I created 13 files of "Weeks to Go!" for people who don't want to constantly change it.
I've compressed all 91 days into a zip file that's easily downloaded through this link for the phone backgrounds and this link for the desktop ones, but here's some examples that can be saved! I also created a folder of the phone backgrounds on Dropbox and of the desktop versions if that's more accessible.

If you want to stay updated with my Disneyland trips, feel free to follow me on Instagram or Twitter (both @hannahvanhoozle)! Hopefully this is helpful in everyone else's Disney adventures too. x
Are you planning a trip soon?


P.S. Here's an example of the weekly ones:

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