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February Julep Maven Unboxing ♡

I'm always thrilled about picking nail polishes and products for my Julep box and I was specifically excited this month. Back in January, Julep posted an Instagram picture (@julepmaven) of a nail polish all Mavens would be receiving in their box and it was gorgeous. I'm all about seasonal nails and free things so I was even more impatient for my box. In addition to the secret surprise nail polish, Hartleigh, I also grabbed Becky, Ada, and the Illume Eye Brightener in Champagne.

| It Girl- Ada | $14.00 ($11.20 with Maven)
It was really more of the description for this that grabbed my attention. "Rhubarb fizzy." How cute is that? It's a very deep pink or fuchsia with white flecks in different sizes, which is obvious in the bottle. From the pictures online I thought it had baby pink flecks but, as the swatches show, it only appears that way since the pink polish lightly covers them. I love the dimension with two coats, it turns into a really deep berry that is so pretty. I hope they release a million more polishes with this "fizzy" effect-- it's gorgeous!

| It Girl- Becky | $14.00 ($11.20 with Maven)
If anything is described as "oil slick" I will almost always buy it. I love this color. It's a deep charcoal-y base with purple and green shimmer, but not the early 2000's frosty way that looks miserable on me. I noticed when I was painting the swatches that it doesn't get streaky and it settles out so there aren't any brush strokes. It's a silk effect polish, which doesn't mean much to me since I always top coat, but the oil slick effect seems less noticeable with the nail polish alone. I tried to show in the swatches that from some angles it looks purple and in others it looks dominantly green.

| Classic with a Twist- Hartleigh | $14.00 ($11.20 with Maven)
I first saw this beauty on Julep's Instagram (@julepmaven) and I was head over heels when I found out it was a free addition to every Julep box in February. I adore when Julep adds free things to their boxes, especially since these gifts are actually pretty common. Online they describe Hartleigh as "holographic heart glitter," which I personally think downplays it a little. Not only does it have red glitter hearts, its base also has holographic microglitter (similar to Nell from my December unboxing) and similar white flecks as in Ada but larger and more hexagonal. I know I'm going to be wearing this year round because I'm obsessed.

| Illume Eye Brightener- Chapagne | $22.00 ($17.60 with Maven)
I don't usually go for Julep's beauty products (even though I know they're amazing) but I saw the before and after pictures on their website and was really impressed! I genetically have darker under eyes and it doesn't really bother me but when I cover them a little, my whole face looks much more awake. I haven't avidly tried to cover them in the past since I also naturally have two or three tiny lines under each of my eyes that easily accentuate with makeup. I picked up the Under Eye Setting Powder from E.l.f. at Target the other day and I'm excited to test these out together!

| Heart Decals |
I'm a sucker for decals and I grab them up almost every time they're available. Even though I knew I was getting a heart top coat, I couldn't resist these cuties. They're very small: only about 3mm wide and I love them. I like that both red and white came together since it gives me more options and also just because they're adorable.

| Totals | not including decals
Maven Total: $33.60
Full-Price Total: $42.00

That's my February loot! If you want to see these nail fancies in action, you can follow my Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest which are all @hannahvanhoozle. And, if you wanted to check out my other Julep unboxings, I've done July, August, October, December, and January!
If you want to join julep, sign up here. Use the friend promo code provided for a free red carpet box with three polishes and a liner!
Thanks so much for reading!
xo Hannah

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