Saturday, March 29

Mini Drugstore Beauty Haul

Yesterday I ran to WalMart with my sister (Miss Amelia Joy) and I intended on buying three of the five items I bought. I'd say that's a pretty good ratio! I know I'm going to ramble, so I'll get on with things.

| Not Your Mother's Way to Grow Shampoo and Conditioner | $4.74 each
I saw a pin on Pinterest that was something like "25 Products that Actually Work" and this shampoo was on there. I saw that it's sulfate free, so I knew that these would be my next hair duo. The conditioner also said "intense moisturizing for all hair types" and that sounded right up my alley. I have slightly past waist length hair with blonde "ombre" (which is actually gradient grow out) that I haven't gotten professionally cut in three years. I cut it myself, but needless to say, it'll take in all the moisture it can get. These smell really, really good. I think the shampoo is a combination of candied green apples (not caramel) and a tiny bit of some kind of citrus. The conditioner smells the same, just lighter but with more of a vanilla smell.

| Maybelline Dream Fresh BB | $7.44
I used this a lot last summer, but I ran out and bought a lighter colored and more full coverage foundation. I thought, due to the packaging, that they had come out with more colors since then. This is super light coverage, but I think it's buildable enough that it can cover enough to improve my skin. I love that it has SPF 30. I don't really like that the color of the makeup doesn't match the packaging however. As you can see in the picture, it's pretty off and quite a bit darker. It does blend in really well though, making the "adjusts to skin tone" claim seem pretty true. I'm excited to use this on its own and to see if this will blend with my Stay Matte Mousse well to make it lighter coverage.

| Burt's Bees Natural Acne Solutions Spot Treatment | $9.97
I also used this a while ago. Several years at least. I really liked it since almost all acne spot treatments give me chemical burns. I recently used my Neutrogena Spot Treatment and I had a burn on my face for a few days. If you've never had one, they're weird and very noticeable. I remembered that this one didn't give me any problems and it worked well, so when  I saw it today I was eager to try it again. It smells very medicinal- like tea tree oil. It's 100% natural and made of willow bark, which has naturally occurring salicylic acid.

| Rimmel Stay Matte Primer | $6.47
My sister adores this primer. She did a first impressions of this, among other things, on her blog. Go read it!  I haven't used it on my face yet, but it made my hand really soft! It really mattifies, but I noticed that it doesn't make makeup over it look weird. It starts off completely opaque white from the tube, but it quickly smooths out to be completely transparent. I swatched this on my hand before the BB cream, so I kind of got a chance to try that aspect of it out. I'm excited to try this out on my actual face soon and see how it works out for me!

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