Sunday, March 23

Essie Good to Go Nail Polish Top Coat Review

About six months ago or so (maybe longer, who knows?), I was using the end of my Seche Vite top coat and the bastard had turned yellow-ish and made my nail polish color look off. I think it's maybe because I'd had it for a while and thinned it down several times. That put me back on the hunt for a new holy grail top coat. (I have since returned to Seche Vite and I'm so glad I did. It works so dang well and I haven't had any more issues with it)
I remembered that I'd seen a pin for a "gel manicure hack" using the Sally Hansen No Chip Acrylic Top Coat. I did not have a good experience with that nail polish whatsoever (possible review on that later). After returning it, I decided to do more research and Googled something like "best drugstore top coats." I came across the Makeup Alley review page for the Essie Good to Go and it had 4.2/5 and tons of glowing reviews, so I decided to buy it.


As usual for where I live, this Essie polish was $8. I have no problem with paying that since I'm a huge Essie fan; I literally have over 20 of their nail polishes (no judgement, please. ;)


The packaging is different from the nail lacquers (I prefer those), but I think it's normal for the products other than the colored polishes. The brush size is normal for Essie, and it works quite well to apply the product. I really like that it comes in its own little plastic box. Excuse the price tags, random products, and messy background in the picture. I threw out my old bottle once I finished it so I had to "sneakily" take pictures of it in my local Fred Meyer. They have security cameras on the beauty isles, so I hope someone got a laugh out of me trying to be nonchalant.


Nail polish in general chips pretty fast on me since I have weak, square/squoval nails. With this top coat, it lasts for maybe three days while with others its lasted for up to a week. The bottle claims "rapid dry + shine," and I agree with both. It really does dry fast, and it definitely makes them shiny.


This isn't my favorite topcoat, but it's still pretty good. I really like how fast it dries and I also like how easy it is to paint on. I think that since it's a fast drying top coat the chipping protection isn't as impressive as it could be. I'm relatively neutral about this product.
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