Friday, October 24

Halloween Lush Haul ♡

I love Lush year round but particularly around autumn and winter. Their Halloween collection was released at the beginning of this month around the 3rd or 4th so I took a trip to Lush with my sister that weekend to get my hands on some of it!

On the Lush website this green guy's scent is described as "a spicy herbal blend of patchouli and black pepper oil" and it says that as the green outer shell is fizzing away, a silver luster swirls out followed by a red wine-colored center and popping candies. This sounds so fun and festive. I'm elated to try it out since I missed out on "Lushoween" last year. To me this smells like a creamy, herbal spice with an incense-y tone. I love the scent since it's not too strong or pungent.
Update: I used this and it was incredible! The water looked like blood and how Halloween is that!? I posted a video of it on my Instagram if you wanna see it in action.

This is one of my new favorite bubble bars. Granted, I haven't gotten to pop it in my tub yet, but it is so cute. It's so glittery and orange and it smells amazing. I prefer the way bubble bars smell over the bath bombs probably just because they're much sweeter. Sparkly Pumpkin smells rich, citrus-y, and sweet. The citrus comes from the juniperberry, grapefruit, and lime oils. Yum.

This purple bath bomb is speckled with adorable stars and has a blue and "neon green" center. I originally bought this simply because I heard that the inside was multi-colored. Online it says that the ends "crack and fizzle away" to allow the middle to the blue, neon green, and purple that slowly fizz. This is one I've used once, as you can tell by the picture, and I wasn't as impressed as I expected but I think I was supposed to use it all at once which probably would've given a better effect. Personally, the neon green looks more yellow. It smells floral, from the Jasmine, and a little spicy as well, which I assume is from ylang ylang. I don't actually know what that is, but I think I like it.

I only got three things. How well behaved am I? I am going to resist buying anything Christmas-themed until around Thanksgiving though. The Christmas Hedgehog is about the cutest thing ever. Have ya'll tried Lush?
Thank you for reading! xo


  1. Really cool haul! I've only been to lush a handful of times and I've never picked anything up. I am very interested in the bath bombs and bars but never quite found them worth the money and I would love to try one of their mask. If you have any suggestions, pls let me know! (hint: I have combination to dry skin during this time of year) :D <33

  2. I've already been to lush and had to really stop myself from purchasing one of everything in the shop! Far too tempting. Lovely photography as well your blog is beautiful followed on bloglovin
    Life Starts At Eighteen

  3. I love Lush's bath bombs, the colours, the scents and even just the bath bombs themselves - they all look so pretty. Plus I love shopping in Lush stores, the sales assistants are always so friendly! xx

    Angelica // One Little Vice

  4. Ahh I love Lush! Love your blog! New Follower!

    XO, Erica

  5. I love lush ! i am completely addicted to their products :)


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