Thursday, July 3

Julep "SHIPSHAPE" Nautical Welcome Box Unboxing and First Impression!

I've been pondering with the idea of getting a Julep box for probably a year now, starting shortly after I cancelled my Birchbox. I was on a website a week or two ago and I saw an advertisement for a nautical welcome box for Julep. I told my sister (she did an unboxing as well!) about it and we both decided to go ahead and order them, using the "SHIPSHAPE" promo code. They ended up only being $2.99 each, covering just the shipping. What a deal for an $80 valued box! In addition to the products, I also got a little welcome booklet and a 50% off my next purchase!

I knew that it was going to come with an eyeliner and an eyeliner sharpener, but I was pleasantly surprised to see that this puppy is double ended! One end has a very dark black in Carbon Black, and the other end is a medium brown in Brown Shimmer. I can't really see the shimmer in the brown however, so it's still very wearable. These are both really creamy and smooth and they seem to last. I had this swatch on my hand and even after washing them several times I could still see their lines. I tested the black on my tight line and I almost immediately saw transfer to my water line, so I know this won't be used for that. I may end up using both of these for an occasional smudgey eyeliner.

The lipgloss I got is in the shade Enchanted-- a pink-toned cream red. When you pull the doe foot applicator out of the bottle it looks very sticky and it kind of worried be a bit. However, when it's applied to my lips, I noticed that it wasn't actually overly sticky. I like the formula since it's relatively sheer (the swatch is one swipe) and it smells like vanilla cake. I'll most likely end up wearing this guy only occasionally since I rarely wear bright colors on my lips.

Even though the fine print says you may get something different from the picture, I was kind of disappointed to see a latte-ish nail color instead of a beautiful powdery baby blue that I anticipated from the promo picture. It turns out that I got an entirely different box than my sister, who did get the blue (and the promo box before they changed the picture to the one I got) even though we ordered only a few days apart. Our red and blue are slightly different and the lipgloss I got doesn't have any sparkle. Honestly though, I don't think a nude-yellow color is going to get much use in my nail polish collection nor can I see how it's very nautical. It's the first swatch and the color is called Kennedy. How cute is that name?! The next color, Sheila, is a very true red that is actually a bit deeper than it looks in the picture. It doesn't have any orange in it which I like since the only red I have is Meet Me at Sunset by Essie and it's definitely orange-toned. The last color is Michelle, and it's a really deep blue. It doesn't appear to have much purple in it and it allows it to look like a true navy color. The nail polish formulas are awesome! They're very opaque-- I could probably get away with one coat which I can never do. 

I think I'm so impressed with the nail polishes that I may just keep my Julep box subscription. They're still offering this promotion but the new nautical welcome box (as of July 1st) seems to have a cuticle treatment, cleansing oil, and white, red, and blue nail polishes. I can't wait to pick out my own nail polishes for my next box!! Has anyone had Julep for a while and still loves it? 
Thanks for reading! xo

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P.S. Here's a bonus picture of my nosy cat, Pennie, who was excited to have me sitting in the grass at her level while taking my pictures. Can she be our official Blog Cat? I think she'll force us to let her if we don't willingly anyways..


  1. OMG! Can't believe the price so I went to the site and just ordered my Julep box.
    This is amazing! Thank you so much!!!!
    Distrito Belleza

    1. You're welcome, girl! I hope you get and awesome box and thank you for reading! :)


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