Wednesday, June 25

Bath and Body Works Semi-Annual Sale Haul

I just added some social media buttons under my "About Me" if you'd like to take a gander! I'm pretty excited about them since I had to use some very mild HTML to get them to look all right. Anywho, after getting my hair trimmed at my mall, we walked past Bath and Body Works and noticed that all of the lotions and body washes were $3!! Well, except for the two labeled that were 75% off instead of $3 flat. Obviously my mom, sister, and I couldn't resist so we did some damage, however much less than if we'd paid $11 at the normal price. Holllaa!

A blend of red apple, daffodil, and pomegranate. A got a set of the lotion and gel for my friend's birthday and a shower gel just for myself. It smells slightly more daffodil than apple, but I can definitely smell the apple more in the shower gel.

With "iced" blue orchid, lemon granita, starfruit, lotus flower, and sunny musk. I can mainly smell the orchid, a little bit of lemon, and a bit of musk. It's dominantly floral I would say. 

This smells light an evening lotion to me. It smells like vanilla with quite a bit of musk, and apparently it also has golden peach and cashmere. What does cashmere smell like?

I think this is my favorite lotion. It smells so goood. It has white mango, kiwi sorbet, strawberry frost, muguet blossom, and blue sugarcane. All it smells like to me is magic.

This has kind of a ridiculous description, but it smells really sweet with maybe a tiny bit of floral and some musk. It has a lot more in it than just that however: "this enchanting scent is a sparkling blend of iced pomegranate, sugared petals and chilled passionfruit frosted with notes of whipped vanilla and light musk."

I loved this in the store, but it kind of smells like a cheap perfume on my skin while it smells lovely on my sister. I think my nose must do weird things to it. I definitely smell the tulips stronger than I'd usually like but the raspberry tones it down a little. The bottle says it has English garden tulips, raspberry tea, wild freesia, Windor apples, and white sandalwood. 

To me this smells like apples and melon. I think it reminds me of a bubble bath I used to use. It doesn't actually have any apple though... It has coconut water, acai berry, melon, jasmine petals, and Madagascar vanilla. 

This sale is still going on online with $1 shipping for orders over $25 so if you want to get lotions or body washes do it now! Thanks for reading! xo

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